Tuesday, June 1, 2010


It has been quite sometime I do crocheting...since I was so busy sewing bags and stuff for sale at the Carnival at my area.  The carnival just took place last Saturday and Sunday(29th-30th May).  Among the sewing stuffs that were on display for sale on that day aside from bags were pin cushions, zipper pencil case, makeup kit and coin purses.
This is the handmade banner that I've made with the help of my children.  I used this banner to promote my craft  stall/corner at the carnival.

Zipper pencil case

Sling Bags/Tote bags

Coin purses - my first few purses that I've made...not very perfect but OK la...

Pin cushions
I still continue with my sewing since there are few fabric that I've cut but not manage to complete on time. And in between I also do crocheting since I've received orders for the baby beanie and I need to complete it by tomorrow...as being promised.   

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