Monday, May 30, 2011

Bag again...

 I've been working on this bag for my daughter during the weekend.
She would like to have a bag with her name on it just like what I did for her sister.
 Almost everyday she keeps on asking for it...and with what
 I have in my collection I start designing and cutting the fabric. 
 And this is what it turn out to looks like.  
 I machine sew everything and at last it's done. 
 I am using 100 percent fabric from  my stash collection
 to come out with this.
Oh yes!! she was so happy with the result even though
my zig zag stitching are crooked...
 at her age of  six they are easily satisfied ...
The most important is her name spell correctly.!
 and I am sharing this by linking to  Sew Darn Carfty and Keeping It Simple

Happy Sewing!!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Crochet Pin Cushion

The above crochet pin cushion was completed quite some time. 
Since I'm having problem with my computer I'm not able to post it up much earlier. 

I crochet using the yarn from my stash.
You can see in the picture that I have short of orange color...   

and this is how it looks from behind.
Here I share the pattern that I used. 
 It was from a Japanese pattern book.
The pattern is so simple and easy to follow.
Suitable for those who are at beginner level and wish to learn crochet.

I'm sharing this at KoolBeenz:Funky Fresh Friday

Happy Crocheting!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Stash Project ...

This week project was a bag made from stash fabric.
This is my first try to sew a quilt bag.
Basically I have nil experience in quilting.
I do a lot of patchwork project but never quilting.

Looking at my work I have to admit that I need to follow
a quilting class to improve further.
Anyway I am happy with the result. Pattern of the bag 
is my own...

I am sharing my project by linking to the following parties...

Happy Sewing!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My first Amigurumi...


 First amigurumi that I've created were these
two rattles for babies.  The blue color  was given away as a gift
to one of my customer.  The second one is still with me...yet to be send to the lucky baby... my nephew
who was born on 28th March, 2011
Crocheting amigurumi needs concentration since if you lost count
of the round then this is what  happen ... look at the baby rattle #2.  
The rattle holder shape is a bit crooked.
I am not that satisfied with my 1st attempt ...
still needs a lot of practice when come to crochet amigurumi.
But yet I enjoy every minute doing it....
it's a challenge especially when you do it without a pattern to follow.
Happy crocheting!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Reversible Bag

               This is the latest shoulder bag completed last week.  I've not manage to post
 it up earlier due to the Blogger site which was down for the
last few days. Basically it is a reversible shoulder bag ... 
and  the flower attached was the one that I've did much earlier 
as embellishment for this bag. 
It is a fabric flower pin.  So you can take it off when you reverse the bag  inside out.
And you may pin it anyway at the bag...
OR you may choose to use the bag plain without the flower pin.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fabric flower

I've been working on a bag this few days, and hopefully I'll have a completed shoulder bag to show to you soon. Last night I was sewing this fabric flower  as embellishment for the bag … but sad to say I did not snap the photo while I’m doing it.  So I don’t have the step by step tutorial to show you.  Maybe when I make another set, I might share the How To...  

While I'm doing this my daughter request me to teach her too.  So this is what she has comes up with.  Flower made from ribbon and she used it to decorate the hanging photo frame - her latest school project . 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Friday Night Sew-In

 Handmade by Heidi    
The Friday Night Sew-In is an activity hosted by Heidi from Handmade by Heidi and her cousin Bobbi  from Crafty Vegas Mom where sewers virtually  get together sharing their projects that they have worked on Friday Night. It is open to International participation too....I've signed up for the coming FNSI which will be on May 20th.  Since this is my first particpation in FNSI ... I really feel excited and looking forward to it.


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