Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My first Amigurumi...


 First amigurumi that I've created were these
two rattles for babies.  The blue color  was given away as a gift
to one of my customer.  The second one is still with me...yet to be send to the lucky baby... my nephew
who was born on 28th March, 2011
Crocheting amigurumi needs concentration since if you lost count
of the round then this is what  happen ... look at the baby rattle #2.  
The rattle holder shape is a bit crooked.
I am not that satisfied with my 1st attempt ...
still needs a lot of practice when come to crochet amigurumi.
But yet I enjoy every minute doing it....
it's a challenge especially when you do it without a pattern to follow.
Happy crocheting!

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