Thursday, July 21, 2011

Yo-Yo Along

I am so happy today upon received a parcel from the post Office!! 
Do you want to know what was inside it???
Well it was a yo-yo maker...

 I never expect to received it this soon since the supplier
promised to post it only during weekends...
Anyway I send my many thanks to Zila the owner
of  the shop for sending it earlier...
By having this yo-yo maker, now I can participate
in the Yo-Yo Along with Penny at Sew Take A Hike ...
If you're interested to join, please visit her blog for the details.

Being so excited having this tool,
 I start to play around with it.
And this is my first yo-yo made using the maker...

And as at today, I've already made  25 yoyos ...
and that mean I still have about 983 yoyos to go
if  I would like to have the same size of yoyo quilt as Penny's.

Happy Sewing!!!

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