Sunday, July 29, 2012

Garden Steps : Block #11

Hello !!

I finished stitching the Garden Steps Block #11 yesterday...and here is the result.  For this block it's a butterfly!!

 I used  a lot of chain, satin, and back stitch with French knot stitch for stitching the butterfly.  Among the 11 blocks that I've stitched, this is the only block that I used three colors of thread.

Having this Block done, it means the Garden Steps Quilt Along is coming towards the end with only one more block left ... Block #12.  
Till next time ... Happy Stitching to everyone!!


FarahLin said...

Pretty block and beautiful stitching too!

Luna said...

Welcome and thanks for visiting.You have such a beautiful blog.Lots of Inspiration.Thanks and have a great weekend.


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