Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Break from sewing ...

Hi everyone!!

I have given no choice but to  take a break from sewing since my machine broke down for the  last two weeks.  Anyway my crafty hand can't just do I did something that I good with that I love to do... CROCHETING!! And these are what I have finished with... cell phone holders.  Both of  the cell phone holders are using the same pattern...Sunburst Granny Square . 

I follow the Sunburst Granny Square pattern by Priscilla Hewitt ©1998 which can be found HERE

Since my cell phone is quite big I add another three rows at the top.
The finished size of the holder is 3.5" x 5".

The first cell phone holder that I've done was using  this black colour yarn with three completed rows.  It turn out too small for my cell phone. The finished size is 2.5" x 4". Since the colour was too dark, the granny square is also not so outstanding as to compare with the  above holder. 

 This is how the front looks like with a small button as a closure.

and this is the back.

Do you know that August month is the Granny square month over at Picot and Petals?  Well if you don't... check out her blog to see what other talented crocheters have to share.  

Happy Crocheting!!


Amy said...

Love the Sunflower Cell Phone holder! It is my favorite. Too cute!
~Sew Incredibly CrAzY~

Luna said...

Hi sweetheart ,Thanks for visiting,you are listed.good luck! :0)Have a great week.

Sônia Maria said...

Lindos trabalhos!

FarahLin said...

Your cell phone holders are super cute!


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