Thursday, October 20, 2011


These are some of my Work in Progress that need to finish before end of this October month. 

First is the Embroidery 101: Stitch & Quilt Along sew the quilt top...

Secondly is the Sunburst Granny Square Afghan crochet Along... for my queen size bed.  I need 120 squares and currently I've only crocheted  82 squares ... so I need another 38 pieces to go.

Third is the Yo Yos Along which I need another 850 pieces ... (which I'm not sure whether I can make it )

Fourth is the crochet Baby Cardigan which I've put aside for sometime now since I've run out of yarn... I've bought the yarn yesterday... but yet to find the time for it since I already have three other projects to finish.

I am sharing this at WiP Wednesday


Happy Crocheting and Sewing!!


Wendy said...

You've got some lovely projects going on there, can't wait to see that quilt finished. I'm also really loving the baby cardi

hafza said...

Thanks Wendy...

Pam said...

850 yo yos...that's a lot. Look forward to seeing what you'll be doing with them. Pretty little cardigan.


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