Sunday, July 15, 2012

Fusion Blanket Crochet along

Hello Everyone!!

Today I am sharing my progress with my latest crochet along that I've participated.  This crochet along  is jointly hosted by Corey  Cindy and Deborah Basically I've finished sewing all the 80 pieces of the 5" squares. I used Ruby line with a mixture of California Girl fabric due to shortage of the Ruby stash. 


 Here are the squares box of Ruby and another of California Girl.

 Squares are all sewn and pressed. Next step is to blanket stitch each and every pieces before I can start crocheting.

 I  use cotton thread for crocheting the edge. These are my finished squares so far.   You may also visit flickr group to see what others are doing...

Happy crocheting!!


Deborah said...

What a lovely job! You are way ahead of me and so organized. I know I'm going to love this blanket because I love Ruby!!

FarahLin said...

I read the CAL post a few weeks back and love how her fusion blanket turned out! Since I'm swamped with my wips and an online class, committing to another project is not on my list for the time being. ;)

Love the Ruby line and your finished squares are looking great! You're going to have an awesome blanket at the end of the CAL. I'm envious how you manage to do so many projects at a time, kudos to you for that.

Have a great week ahead, Hafza. =)

hueisei said...

Beautiful. I'm joining too.. Still cutting my charm squares. My son nagging this few days, so very slow in progress :)


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