Monday, May 30, 2011

Bag again...

 I've been working on this bag for my daughter during the weekend.
She would like to have a bag with her name on it just like what I did for her sister.
 Almost everyday she keeps on asking for it...and with what
 I have in my collection I start designing and cutting the fabric. 
 And this is what it turn out to looks like.  
 I machine sew everything and at last it's done. 
 I am using 100 percent fabric from  my stash collection
 to come out with this.
Oh yes!! she was so happy with the result even though
my zig zag stitching are crooked...
 at her age of  six they are easily satisfied ...
The most important is her name spell correctly.!
 and I am sharing this by linking to  Sew Darn Carfty and Keeping It Simple

Happy Sewing!!

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