Thursday, June 30, 2011

Embroidery 101 : Block 2

I start  printing the pattern for Block 2
 immediately after I received
the email from Clover and Violet yesterday. 
Since I have no other project that I've been working on
currently... so I start stitching it last night. 
Attached is one of the picture while the stitching
was on progess. 
Finalising the thread color with the Block ...
AND  here is  the completed Block 2 ...

Closer view of the completed Block ...

Happpy Stiching !!


PT_Sarah said...

Yours came out great!! Good job, I just finished number two also!


Jenniffier said...

Looks great. I just finished my second one today! This is a fun QAL.

hafza said...

Thanks Sarah and thanks Jenniffier... I've visited your blog and both of you are doing great too with the second block... this is my first QAL and I really enjoying myself.


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