Monday, June 18, 2012

Garden Steps: Block #07 and #08

Hi Everyone!!

I am so happy today to accomplished my mission to finished both Garden Steps blocks during the week end.
 This is how my block #07 looks like.

I used back stitch for the flowers and  stem stitch for the leaves outlines.  The center of the flowers and the leaves, I used satin stitch.

and this is the Garden Steps block #08 looks like. I used a lot of back stitch for this block especially for the bird house.

 For the butterfly I used satin stitch for the center and back stitch for the outline. The center of the flowers and the bird's eye I used french knot stitch.

Happy Stitching!!


FarahLin said...

The blocks looks gorgeous - perfect hand stitching too!

Karen O said...

Beautiful! Someday I will try these.


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