Friday, October 25, 2013

October Finishes #01 : Pouches


 I did it!!  I finished embroider the pouches that I've been working on for the last three days. 
One for the mother and

another one is for the father... 

It comes with a pocket at the outside with a velcro closure.
The finished size of these pouches are 8.5" x 6"

I share these at A Stitch in Time linky party  hosted by Elizabeth over at Such a Sew and Sew...
October Finishes
Happy Stitching everyone!



Preeti said...

Your pouches look very nice!! Well done!!

Carrie P. said...

so cute!

Kat McNally said...

Hello Hafza!
How are you travelling? Can you believe we're on the cusp of December?
I thought you might like to know that I am hosting Reverb again this year. It'd be a privilege to have you join us.
Everything you need to know can be found at:
We kick off on Sunday and it is going to be AMAZING. Hope to see you there!
Kat xxx


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